Operating Companies

Positioned to Better Serve Our Customers

Thorpe incorporated in Texas in 1954 as a refractory contractor with engineering capabilities. Through our recent merger with Plant Maintenance Services, together with other mergers, acquisitions and organic growth, Thorpe is better positioned to serve customers with a wide range of equipment, products and services throughout the global market. We provide field installation services, engineering and manufacturing for corrosion resistant equipment and materials, refractory linings and products, insulation, industrial flooring, scaffolding, robotic demolition and other essential activities to a variety of industrial plants. We have multiple businesses focused on different specialty disciplines and have access to field labor resources across North America and selected international markets. Our services are provided through one of six operating subsidiaries:

Thorpe Plant Services, Inc.

Headquarted in Houston, Texas. Able to perform work and access general labor markets across the USA.

J T Thorpe Company

Headquarted in Houston, Texas. Able to perform work and access select labor markets across the USA.

Thorpe International Services, Inc.

Headquarted in Houston, Texas. Structured to respond to all customers outside of North America.

Industrial Flooring Services, Inc.

Servicing customers from Garland, Texas.

Thorpe Engineered Products Company

Established to consolidate the engineering, design and manufacture of our product solutions and perform our field service engineering requirements for all Thorpe subsidiaries or direct to customers on a stand-alone basis.

Clayburn Services Ltd.

Headquarted in Edmonton, AB with additional offices in Calgary and Fort McMurray, AB and in Abbortsford, BC., Clayburn, with over 40 years of experience in Canada, is able to access Canadian labor markets with the full support and experience of the other Thorpe divisions.


In this unprecedented time, Thorpe wants to express its dedication to maintaining a safe and clean workplace for our employees, and consistent service for our customers. We must all take action and do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. To effectively combat this, it’s imperative we unite with our communities and implement procedures that prioritize those around us. 

Thorpe understands the situation is quickly changing, and there is no way to predict what the upcoming weeks or months may look like. We can, however, ensure our continual evaluation of COVID-19 and the alteration of preventative measures as needed. In the end, our goal is to protect our staff and continue to provide services to our customers. For more information, please contact us at (713) 644-1247.