STRAND® Equipment – ASME Code Stamped Vessels

Thorpe's accreditations are a significant achievement in quality control and qualify us as an elite manufacturer.

A Large FRP Tank_retouchedThe STRAND® Logo and Registered Trademark is a mark of excellence in fiberglass reinforced plastic vessel and equipment manufacturing by Thorpe. Originally founded in 1957, our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) manufacturing facilities are the industry leader in FRP quality, solutions, and technology. Many of the practices commonly used today were pioneered by our manufacturing professionals. This rich heritage continues today as we provide the best products and services available in the marketplace. Our engineers and craftsmen have the experience and knowledge to tackle any project, regardless of size.

The STRAND ASME RTP-1 & ASME Section X Class II accreditations were awarded in 1993. These accreditations are a significant achievement in quality control and qualify us as an elite manufacturer; one of the very few in North America to be dually accredited. Thorpe’s code stamped tanks and equipment are proudly marketed under our STRAND® Registered Trademark. ASME Section X Class II vessels are available to 16 feet diameter at pressures up to 250 PSIG. The FRP vessels are built to precise standards and AE (acoustic emission) tested as proof of design before they can be ASME code stamped. The stamp provides Thorpe’s customers with the assurance that their fiber reinforced plastic vessel has been fabricated strictly in accordance with the provisions of the ASME code.

ASME RTP-1 is a quality process that dictates design and fabrication standards for every step of the process. All laminators and secondary bonders, who are responsible for the fabrication of tank or scrubber parts, are independently certified. Testing and certifications for RTP-1 tanks and equipment operating in corrosive service up to and including +/- 15psig are inspected and verified by our QC personnel prior to the application of the ASME stamp. Even large diameter field erected vessels may also qualify for ASME RTP-1 stamps.

FRP & Dual Laminate Tanks (PDF)
NACE Tank Supplement Reprint (PDF)